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313 Have you been to the zoo that only has a single dog? It's a Shih Tzu.
419 What do Jedi sheep say? Dagobaaaaah!
425 Why can't two elephants go swimming? They only have one pair of trunks!
436 What do you call a colleague who is also a dairy farmer? A coworker!
455 What's the difference between a hippo and a Zippo? A hippo is really heavy, but a Zippo is a little lighter!
491 What do you call a pig who lost his voice? Disgruntled!
509 What do you call a bear in the rain? A drizzly bear!
520 What do you get from a pampered cow? Spoiled milk!
626 What animal is most likely to be a prostitute? A whorse!
639 What do you call a messy crustacean? A slobster!
650 What did the police officer say to the cow? "Nothing to see here; moove along!"
696 Did you hear about the cannibalistic lion? Eventually he had to swallow his pride!

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