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38 Why did the tomato blush? He saw the salad dressing!
172 Why doesn't Santa have any children? Because he only comes once a year and it's down a chimney!
236 What's brown and rhymes with snoop? Dr. Dre!
272 What did Dr. Dre say when 50 Cent gave him a sweater? "Gee you knit?!"
430 What gets longer when pulled, inserts neatly into a hole, and works best when jerked? A seatbelt!
438 Why are there no transvestites in space? Because there's no drag!
557 What do you call children born in a whorehouse? Brothel sprouts!
611 Why is the army so strict about uniforms? To minimize casual tees!
621 What's a trashman's favorite holiday? HAULER-ween!
627 What do plumber's children play with? Toylets!
778 Why did King Arthur's knights have so many children? Because they Camelot!

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