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226 What kind of tea is sometimes hard to swallow? Reality!
231 What does Batman put in his drink? Just ice!
261 What state has the smallest soft drinks? Minisoda!
290 What is really bad at baseball but really good at parties? A pitcher full of margaritas!
321 What did the German physicist use to drink his beer? Ein stein!
427 What kind of wine do horses drink? Chardonneigh!
482 What is a comedian's favorite drink? Booze!
556 What's the only drink size allowed in North Korea? Supreme Liter!
575 What's a martial artist's favorite beverage? Kara-tea!
656 What noise does Stalin make when he drinks? "Gulag gulag gulag"
701 Why was the blonde snorting Sweet 'n Low? She thought it was diet coke!
703 What kind of teas have the most milk? Tit-teas!
741 What's an optimistic vampire's favorite drink? B Positive!

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