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9 What's the best way to carve a piece of wood? Whittle by whittle!
246 What did the pony say when he had a sore throat? "Pardon me I'm just a little hoarse!"
250 What do a dwarf and a midget have in common? Very little!
294 What did the shy pebble wish for? To be a little boulder!
312 What did the doctor say to the midget waiting in the lobby? "You're just going to have to be a little patient."
343 How do you cut a small pizza? With Little Caesars!
374 What's Lil' John's favorite vegetable? YEEAAAMS!
421 Why did the cowboy buy a corgi? Because he wanted to get a long little doggie!
648 What do you call a little Mexican? A paragraph. He's too short to be an essay!
695 Why did the tiny pepper put on a sweater? Because she was a little chilli!

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