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73 What has 75 balls and screws old ladies? Bingo!
227 What's the difference between a short Eskimo and a fat eunuch? One's a frigid midget with a rigid digit, and the other is a massive vassal with a passive tassel!
293 What do golden cats say? MeAu!
294 What did the shy pebble wish for? To be a little boulder!
366 How do you get four old ladies to yell "SHIT!"? Get a fifth old lady to yell "BINGO!"
386 Why did the knight retire? He was becoming middle aged!
389 Why did the baby pepper go inside? Because he was a little chili!
436 What do you call a colleague who is also a dairy farmer? A coworker!
519 How much do old batteries cost? Nothing; they're free of charge!
525 Why don't ambassadors ever get sick? They have diplomatic immunity!
554 Why are the guards around Big Ben always so tired? Because they're working around the clock!
592 How is a marine biologist different from a golden retriever? The marine biologist tags a whale...
595 How is a gold fish different from a mountain goat? A gold fish mucks around the fountain...
613 Why did the old lady fall in the well? Because she didn't see that well.
694 What do you call a snake that's exactly 3.14 feet long? A πthon!
695 Why did the tiny pepper put on a sweater? Because she was a little chilli!
710 Who was the oldest sheriff in the old West? Wyatt AARP!

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