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237 Why did Mrs. Grape leave Mr. Grape? She was tired of raisin' kids!
241 How do you catch a bra? You set a booby trap!
242 What did the grape say when stepped on? Nothing it just gave a little wine!
272 What did Dr. Dre say when 50 Cent gave him a sweater? "Gee you knit?!"
292 Why should you never trust graphs? Because they're always plotting something!
374 What's Lil' John's favorite vegetable? YEEAAAMS!
429 What do you call an artist with a brown finger? Picassole!
444 How do you pay 5 cents for a concert? Go see 50 Cent and ask for Nickelback!
453 What's brown and sounds like a bell? DUNG!
542 What do you get when you divide poop into three pieces? Turds!
604 What typeface do you use in a lawless town? Sans Sheriff
648 What do you call a little Mexican? A paragraph. He's too short to be an essay!
651 How does a paraplegic cow get around? With a veal chair!
677 What do you call two guys who hang out by the window? Kurt and Rod!
699 Why did Houdini use trap doors in every act he performed one year? It was a stage he was going through!
742 What do you get when you cross a pirate and a pedophile? Arrrgghh Kelly!
780 Who's the best rapper in Star Wars? Boba Fett-y Wap!

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