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2 What did the square say to the circle? Have you been around long?
5 What do you call a cow with no legs? Ground beef!
34 A man orders coffee in a restaurant. He takes a sip and spits it out, yelling, "This coffee tastes like mud!" The waiter comes by and says, "Yes, sir. It's fresh ground."
451 What kind of pajamas does King Arthur wear? A knight gown!
463 What did the triangle say to the circle? "You're pointless!"
477 What does King Arthur wear to bed? A knight gown!
554 Why are the guards around Big Ben always so tired? Because they're working around the clock!
593 How is the Panama Canal different from Sarah Palin on a merry-go-round? The Panama Canal is a busy ditch...
651 How does a paraplegic cow get around? With a veal chair!
753 How did Thor lose his lightning powers? His father grounded him!
757 What should you do if you see a postman? Walk around it, man!
775 How often do your friends from the round table visit you? Always! They come a lot!
778 Why did King Arthur's knights have so many children? Because they Camelot!

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