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36 Who came first: the chicken or the egg? The one with the cigarette!
151 Why can't lizards have sex? They have ereptile dysfunction!
222 How do you know when an Egyptian king is horny? From all the Pharoah moans!
297 Did you hear about the orange who slept with a dirty lemon? He got lemonaids!
362 What does American coffee and having sex in a canoe have in common? It's fucking close to water!
373 What comes between fear and sex? Fünf!
393 What is 6.9? A beautiful thing ruined by a period!
418 What's the difference between Iron Man and Iron Woman? One's a superhero, the other is a command!
437 What does Cinderella do when she gets to the ball? Gag!
479 Why did the gay whale choke? Because he swallowed a lot of seamen!
485 How are pornstars paid? Income.
516 What kind of sex do chemists like? Bondage!
557 What do you call children born in a whorehouse? Brothel sprouts!
558 How does a robot handle a one night stand? He nuts and bolts!
602 How do you sexually harass a classical music fan? You grab em by Debussy!
778 Why did King Arthur's knights have so many children? Because they Camelot!
814 Why are there Pop Tarts but no Mom Tarts? Because of the pastryarchy!

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