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24 Why are movie stars so cool? Because they have so many fans!
90 Did you hear about the guy who survived both mustard gas and pepper spray? He's now a seasoned veteran!
221 What is Tony Stark's favorite literary device? Irony!
275 What is the internal temperature of a taun taun? Luke warm.
340 How many ears does Spock have? 3: The left ear, the right ear, and the Final Front-ear!
344 How do you unlock a monestary door? With a monk key!
360 Why was Princess Leia's dating life so miserable? Because she was looking for love in Alderaan places!
382 What is a pornstar's favorite building material? Sement!
400 How does Darth Vader know what you got for Christmas? He has felt your presents!
416 What do you call Iron Man without his suit? Stark naked!
417 What's it called when Iron Man does a cartwheel? A ferrous wheel!
418 What's the difference between Iron Man and Iron Woman? One's a superhero, the other is a command!
419 What do Jedi sheep say? Dagobaaaaah!
485 How are pornstars paid? Income.
488 How do you keep a space ship tied down? With an astro knot!
572 Why don't Ewoks yell inside? Because they have Endor voices!
723 What do you call a statue with a lightsaber? Mannequin Skywalker!
748 Why haven't aliens visited our solar system yet? We only have one-star reviews!
780 Who's the best rapper in Star Wars? Boba Fett-y Wap!

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