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12 What insect has the best manners? A ladybug!
33 Why don't cannibals eat comedians? Because they taste funny.
180 What is the difference between Ann Coulter and Donald Trump? Her dick works.
352 What did the naughty soccer announcer get for Christmas? COOOOOAAAAAALLLL!!!!
404 What kind of parties do owls have? Hootnannies!
438 Why are there no transvestites in space? Because there's no drag!
521 What do you call a T-rex who sells guns? A small arms dealer!
628 Why was the band teacher so controversial? He made his students read band books!
696 Did you hear about the cannibalistic lion? Eventually he had to swallow his pride!
723 What do you call a statue with a lightsaber? Mannequin Skywalker!

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