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28 Why was the algebra book sad? Because he had a lot of problems!
78 Why was the rubber band gun confiscated during algebra class? It was a weapon of math destruction!
88 What did the banana say to the vibrator? "What are you shakin' for? She's gonna eat me!"
241 How do you catch a bra? You set a booby trap!
296 Why should you date a zombie? Because they're the only ones you can be sure want you for your brains!
446 What rock band has four members but doesn't play music? Mt. Rushmore!
483 What do you call a tree with all its branches cut off? An ampu-tree!
639 What do you call a messy crustacean? A slobster!
722 Why did Ariel get new seashells? Because she outgrew her B-Shells!
807 What do you call two guys who really like math? Alge-bros!

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