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1 Why didn't the skeleton cross the road? He didn't have the guts!
76 What do you call a chicken crossing the road? Poultry in motion!
170 What do you get when you cross an elephant and a rhino? El-if-I-no!
351 Why is Jesus really bad at crossword puzzles? He always gets stuck on 2 across!
412 Why did Sherlock cross the road? To see Watson the other side!
438 Why are there no transvestites in space? Because there's no drag!
605 Why doesn't Jesus trust mankind? He's afraid he'll get double crossed!
660 How did Jesus get into such good shape? Crossfit!
739 Why can't Mexicans cross the border in groups of three? Because the signs all say "NO TRES-PASSING"!
742 What do you get when you cross a pirate and a pedophile? Arrrgghh Kelly!
793 Why did the accountant cross the road? Because that's what he did last year!

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