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258 Why couldn't Bach pay for his dinner? Because he was Baroque!
396 What's a Christian's favorite chord? G sus!
397 What's a Catholic priest's favorite chord? A minor!
401 Why couldn't the DJ fish? He kept dropping the bass!
405 What do you call a really fat Latino singer? El Ton John
444 How do you pay 5 cents for a concert? Go see 50 Cent and ask for Nickelback!
446 What rock band has four members but doesn't play music? Mt. Rushmore!
527 What do you call a singing aardvark? A bardvark!
560 How do farmers party? They turnip the beet!
602 How do you sexually harass a classical music fan? You grab em by Debussy!
637 Did you hear that Sting was kidnapped? The Police have no lead!
668 What do you get when you drop a piano on a military base? A flat major!
700 Why shouldn't you run with bagpipes? You could put an aye out, or even get kilt!
734 What do you call a Japanese cover band playing 70s music? The Mitsubeegees!

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