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27 Where do cows go on Saturday night? To the moooooovies!
152 What did the mermaid do last Saturday night? She went to go sea a movie!
386 Why did the knight retire? He was becoming middle aged!
388 Did you hear about the lady who thought the sun disappeared? She stayed up all night looking for it, then it dawned on her!
391 What do you call a porcelain knight? Sir Amic
451 What kind of pajamas does King Arthur wear? A knight gown!
477 What does King Arthur wear to bed? A knight gown!
558 How does a robot handle a one night stand? He nuts and bolts!
580 Why was Noah the best businessman in the Bible? He floated his stock while everyone else was being liquidated!
775 How often do your friends from the round table visit you? Always! They come a lot!
778 Why did King Arthur's knights have so many children? Because they Camelot!

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