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173 Why was the scarecrow awarded the Nobel Prize? Because he was outstanding in his field!
174 What washes up on tiny beaches? Microwaves!
236 What's brown and rhymes with snoop? Dr. Dre!
243 How do you turn a duck into a soul singer? Put it in the microwave until its Bill Withers!
362 What does American coffee and having sex in a canoe have in common? It's fucking close to water!
394 What's the difference between Americans and yogurt? If you leave yogurt alone for 200 years it'll grow a culture!
429 What do you call an artist with a brown finger? Picassole!
439 What do Indian flowers grow? Patels!
441 How does Vladimir Putin like his Thanksgiving Turkey? Nuked!
453 What's brown and sounds like a bell? DUNG!
568 What do you call a room full of black birds? Crow-ded!
719 Why couldn't the Mexican archer shoot his bow? He didn't habanero!
750 Exactly how excited was Wendy to get to Neverland? She was so excited that she nearly Peter Pans!
779 When does a square become a cube? When it hits cuberty!

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