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25 Why do fluorescent lights always hum? Because they don't know the words!
272 What did Dr. Dre say when 50 Cent gave him a sweater? "Gee you knit?!"
346 Why didn't the sun go to college? He already had too many degrees!
357 Why was the Russian wasp interrogated by the CIA? Because he was a cagey bee agent!
444 How do you pay 5 cents for a concert? Go see 50 Cent and ask for Nickelback!
448 What did Mike Tyson say to Vincent van Gogh? "You gonna eat that?"
450 What has 100 legs but can't walk? 50 pairs of pants!
456 What did one eye say to the other eye? "Between you and me, something smells!"
474 Why was the man fired from the juice factory? He couldn't concentrate!
478 What do you call someone who only believes in 12.5% of the Bible? An eighth-theist!
540 How does dinner smell? Through its nose!
713 Have you heard the news recently? It's really dePRESSing!
779 When does a square become a cube? When it hits cuberty!

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